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Better East Texas:Ted Cruz win

By Pat Stacey

Money can buy a lot of things but it looks like it can't buy a U-S Senate seat. Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz soundly defeated Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in a race where Cruz was out-spent by a huge margin. Dewhurst dug into his personal wallet and spent millions to spread a Cruz bashing message. But the influence of the Tea Party and the timing of the run-off vote vaulted Cruz into the winner's circle. The race drew national attention as well and shows that quasi-incumbents or at least poll favorites are not safe or assured of easy wins. Mr. Cruz, if elected in November, will face the tough road of being loyal to those who put him in office which has become a challenge for many Tea Party supported office holders. He will have to compromise some or Washington will remain void of legislative progress. Ted Cruz will now face east Texas Democrat Paul Sadler in November when the final vote for this powerful U-S Senate seat will be conducted. The race should be a good one and Texas will emerge with a new Senator and, hopefully, an advocate for Texas values, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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