A Vision Of A Military Son

Many of us have had things happen in our lives that can't be explained in ordinary terms. In times of war these extraordinary happenings seem even more prevalent. It was on July 28th, 1943 when Freddy Ward's plane was shot down over Germany and he was captured and began a twenty-one month stay in the infamous Stalag 17B prisoner of war camp.
  Ward's mother received the dreaded telegram that her son was "missing in action." Ward's Sunday School teacher, Molly Latham, went to the Ward home to comfort his distraught mother and that's when both women witnessed an extraordinary vision: they saw Ward standing behind barbed wire.    
  This vision assured the women that Ward was alive and was a prisoner of the Germans. In May of 1945, Ward was freed by the Allies. He served three years as Chaplain of the Stalag 17B POW group and is still active in the veteran organizaton.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.