Winona Residents Without Power For Second Day

Thursday was the second straight day without power for people in Winona.
The lack of air conditioning forced many people outdoors to find a way to stay cool. For senior citizens the situation poses some real safety concerns.
Carol Sergio sat with her family on her parents front porch, watching cars pass and enjoying the cool breeze.
"Last evening, I called my son who lives in Mansfield to give me weather reports," she said. "With no electric, we had no access to what was happening with the weather."
With no weather alerts, Wednesday's second wave of storms was cause for concern. On Thursday the family had a new concern: water.
"We were alerted yesterday morning that our power system for water system is an electrical pump," Carol said. "The city is aware of that and we just wanted to take precautions in case we ran later than Friday or over the weekend without electricity."
The family is saving water in 5 gallon buckets.
With elderly parents, Carol knows the importance of being prepared, but she is still worried about others without family close at hand.
"There are alot of older people here that I've been concerned about as far as the heat," Carol said.
That concern is shared by many.
The manager at the Pecan Grove Senior Citizens Apartments knocked from door to door, checking on tenants. Many of them require constant medical care and with a lack of air conditioning the combination is dangerous.
"It's very uncomfortable," said Pecan Grove tenant Helen Choice. "You're hot, you can't rest, and it's just miserable really.
The Red Cross is providing the apartment's tenants with food and any medical assistance they might need, but with power not expected to return for at least another day, some residents think the best solution is to finding another place to stay.
"I won't be here. I won't stay the night," Helen said. "I won't stay no more nights here until the electricity is back on."
Winona residents have been told it could be late Friday evening or early Saturday morning before their power is restored.

Story by Maya Golden,