Some Still In The Dark After Severe Weather

After the second round of severe weather hit East Texas, the people on Boise D'Arc street were in the dark.again.

"'It was dark- you couldn't see anything, it was just like you're in a dream." "It just popped up. It's amazing how fast it happened with no warning," said residents today.

Five power lines on the street snapped like twigs in the raging wind, leaving Billy Roberson, and many others in the neighborhood in a bind.

"I don't have electricity so I can't even use my box fans. No air conditioner, I couldn't even make a cup of coffee this morning," Roberson said.

Many in the same boat, left their homes to escape the heat and humidity, but Roberson didn't have that luxury as he runs a small business from his home.

"I can't leave home my unattended because I have so much stuff I sell here and my burglar alarm is off- the storm knocked it out."

Even with crews working through the night to keep residents from spending another day in the dark, power is still not on-something Roberson hopes will change before he loses anything else.

"I'll lose probably about seven to eight hundred dollars with merchandise I could have sold if I had electricity and food I'm going to have to throw out," Roberson said.

For now the only light he will have is from his gas stove.

"I'll roll with the punches and do what I have to do to survive here."

Reported by: Braid Sharp