Wednesday Night Storms Leave Many In The Dark

It was round two for East Texas Wednesday night. For the second night in a row, powerful storms swept across the area.
With wind gusts ranging between 45 and 60 miles per hour, the storm quickly made it through the northern counties and into Tyler around 8:30 pm.
On Bois D'Arc Avenue the gusting winds pushed a tree onto a car and several powerlines. The area was left without power as Tyler police and work crews worked quickly to clear the scene.
Several other parts of the city were also left without power.
Along Highway 64 near the airport, the only light came from the car lights of passing vehicles. Streets lay in total darkness without power.
Near Beckham and Front Streets, police tried to direct drivers safely through the darkness.
The situation was the same along Broadway heading towards South Tyler. Cars manuevered carefully along streets without traffic lights out.
In Kilgore, residents dealt with heavy winds and rains as the storm pushed through the city.

Story by Maya Golden,