Many East Texans Still In The Dark

"Thank you for calling TXU Energy. Due to numerous power outages, wait times will be longer than normal."

That voice recording is the only connection the Logans have to the outside world.

With the temperature outside reaching a high of 90 degrees today, the temperature inside their home is 86 degrees and humid. So the Logan family has decided to sit outside to get some fresh air, although it's just as warm.

"We pay them our bills. It seems like they should try to do something for us, you know," Mike Logan, the homeowner, said. "We're out here. The bugs are eating us."

"We've been to Wal-Mart cooling off, McDonald's," Kathy Logan, his wife, said.

Tonight, they're eating outside. Dinner is on the grill instead of the stove.

Across the street, Shawn Robertson has found a temporary fix to his neighborhood's power outage. But since he doesn't plan to keep this noisy generator on all night, he's keeping some food in a cooler and keeping himself cool with a soda.

"It makes you appreciate power, definitely," he said. "Matter of fact, I grabbed an egg roll. I was like, I better not let this go to waste. I'll go ahead and eat it now. I put it in the microwave, realized again I didn't have any power."

As the sun set in Gresham, it got more difficult for the Logans to see their Monopoly game board. It also reminded them, no electricity means their night has to end early.

"We'll raise windows, every window in the house so we can keep cool," Kathy said.

TXU Energy says it may be Friday or later before all power is back on in East Texas.

Julie Tam, reporting.