40 Thousand East Texans Without Power

Last night's blackout is being called the worst we've had around here in a decade, that's according to TXU. TXU and other local electric companies have been working since 9 last night to restore power across East Texas.

TXU says 15 thousand East Texans are without power right now. 11 thousand Swepco customers are without power, and 13 thousand people are waiting for power from the Cherokee and Wood County Electric Co-ops.

The good news, crews across the region are working hard to get the power back. The bad news, you might not get it back until Friday.

"It's one of the largest we've had in our system in years." That's how George Bennett with TXU describes the East Texas blackout. Power lines are down across the region.

In Linda, TXU workers are fixing power lines up and down Main Street. Strong winds and rain knocked this line down, with a little help from a truck.

In Tyler, on Ann Campbell Road, a tree crashed down on this line knocking power out for miles.

The crews have been working since last night.

"We are using all of our local people and we've asked for outside assistance," says TXU's George Bennett.

With widespread wreckage to deal with, TXU brought crews in from as close as Houston and as far as Georgia but as they work, their concern grows.

"I'm concerned if I have enough resources to get the lights on in the appropriate amount of time," says George.

Thousands of East Texans are waiting for their lights, air conditioning and appliances to turn back on, but with more storms possibly on the horizon, TXU can't promise you'll see any light tonight.

"Reality, we're looking at two to three days," says George.

At the start of the storms more than one million TXU customers were without power. Across the state the number has now been lowered to just under 300 thousand.