Storm Damage in Anderson County

An estimated 17-thousand residents in Frankston and nearby Berryville are without power after 70 mile an hour winds rumbled through the area.

"We got scared. We got scared. We didn't know where to go. There was no place to go and we live in a trailer house you know how that is," said longtime residents Lenora and Arnie Clakley.

Many Anderson County residents thought they were in a tornado last night, as the straight line winds ripped through, trapping many on rural roads with trees blocking the way out.

"Not knowing in the darkness whats coming next is what's scary," says resident Douglas Bell. Bell is also a heart patient, and living without power could be a serious health issue. "From a health standpoint I'll just have to see what it brings on, I do have a need for oxygen and when your air conditioner goes out it creates problems," says Bell.

Though no injuries were reported and no real property damage done, locals now worry that while they're waiting in the dark, more bad weather is on the way. Frankston city officials say power may be out to some customers for 2-3 days.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.