Power Outage Leaves Residents in Dark

"The last voice I heard last night was Mark Scirto," Katherine Owers, 79, a Tyler homeowner, said. "He was saying that the storm is near. Five minutes later, it was here."

And then, the power went out at the Owers house at 10:45 p.m. And the same thing happened at Jim Callanan's house next door. Since then, there have been no lights.

"I was trying to get some paperwork done last night. Of course, couldn't do that," Cynthia Owers, Katherine's daughter, said. "I had a little bit of lamplight."

There was no A/C.

"Burning up and stayed in a doctor's office all day yesterday, and thought I'd get a little rest last night 'cause I was getting ready for surgery," Katherine said. "And I'm pretty upset."

The stove wasn't working.

"I cook and I can't cook," Katherine said. "We can't do anything."

And no refrigeration.

"I'm having to throw away my food," Katherine said. "And that's hard. Food is real high and expensive right now."

Callanan is making plans to stay at a friend's house if it gets too hot.

"That house is fine, so I might move some of my frozen foods out there," he said.

Without power, Callanan can't access his email, which he needs to plan an upcoming event.

"It's inconvenient," he said. "The garage door doesn't open or doesn't work."

And neither does the TV, which means these residents can't get tonight's weather forecast.

Julie Tam, reporting.