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'Grandma Skydiver' has jumped over 200 times!


At 62-years-old, an East Texas Grandma has got her skydive on.

She spends her time on the weekends up in the air, skydiving.

"Once I got out of the plane, I could not imagine why I was depressed about anything in my life. When I came down it was like my entire world had changed perspective," said skydiver Madelyn Lieberman Catob.

Catob began her skydiving career 11 years ago.

"Ultimately it's a feeling that's indescribable unless you have done it. It was never on my bucket list at all. My son suggested it to me when I was 51-years-old.

Now, she has jumped at least 200 times.

"I plan on jumping as long as possible. Just push my wheelchair out of my airplane, and I'll be fine as long as I can reach back and pull, I'm in good shape," said Catob.

Madelyn, or better known as 'Grandma Skydiver', says skydiving isn't as dangerous as it looks.

"It's not a daredevil thing really, it's incredibly safety focused. Their are more back up's on my parachute rig then there are on my car, actually," said Catob.

With two parachutes in every rig, and multiple eyes scanning her bag, she always feels safe.

"This is actually a much more conservative time in my life. I'm a grand mother now. I knit more, and crochet more. This is a time in my life where it's for me," said Catob.

There is one thing she said she would change.

"Don't wait till you are 51. My only regret is that I didn't start doing this when I was much younger.

Madelyn says her favorite time to skydive is during the fall, so you can expect to see her out at East Texas Skydive almost every Saturday in a few months.

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