Dawn Wash & Toss, Palmolive Dish Wipes: "Does It Work?"

A few weeks ago, we aired a report where we took some used, household kitchen sponges to a lab and had the tested. If you saw that report, no doubt you've either stopped using sponges, or drastically changed the way you use them. The number one contaminate found in all the sponges we tested was bacteria, normally found in animal feces. There was a good explanation for it. It had to do with cleaning dishes and countertops that had come in contact with uncooked meat or poultry. So, it started us thinking. Is there a better alternative? We may have found one.

There are some new products introduced by two popular liquid detergent makers. But first, they must withstand the "Does It Work?" test.

The Dawn Wash & Toss and Palmolive Dish Wipes haven't been on the market very long. Functionally, they're pretty much the same product... disposable cloths. One has Dawn Liquid inside, the other has Palmolive Soap. Each is supposed to get you through a load of dishes. The first thing we noticed about the Palmolive Dish Wipes was the fragrance. It's very strong, in a nice way, giving the impression this thing is packed with soap. The Palmolive wipes are large and seem pretty sturdy. Suds are not a problem. Also, we like the slightly abrasive, scouring pad type surface. They're rough enough to knock loose stuck on debris, but gentle enough, you're not going to have to worry about scratching any surfaces. The Palmolive Dish Wipes easily made it through a load of dishes... and there was still ample soap to wash several more.

The makers of Dawn Wash & Toss had a slightly different idea. The pads are smaller, still very fragrant and full of soap, but on one side, Dawn has put plastic mesh to create what they call the "scrubbing side." The other side is their "soft side." The Dawn product did well on dried-on oatmeal and several other dried on foods.

When were finished, we notice Dawn's soap was running out more quickly than Palmolive's product. It makes sense, because the Palmolive dish wipes are more than twice the size of Dawn Wash & Toss. For our final test we cleaned a George Forman Grill. It's a perfect application for these wipes because you're not supposed to submerge the electric grill in water. Both products performed very well on the grill.

"Does It Work?" We give both products a "yes." If one has an edge over the other, we'd probably have to give that to the Palmolive Dish Wipes. We like the size, the extra soap and it seemed to hold together better after cleaning the grill.

Price is another reason to give the edge to Palmolive. Each brand gives you 20 wipes. Palmolive charges $1.99. Dawn's were $2.99 for 20.