Drug Discount Card Helps Seniors Save On Prescription Drugs

Pharmacist Mark Sullivan of Good's Pharmacy fills hundreds of prescriptions daily, and according to him the number one complaint is the cost of those prescriptions.

"I've heard comments from senior citizens who have to decide whether they're going to take their diabetes medication, their blood pressure medication or if they're going to eat this month. Some things got to be done about it," Sullivan says.

With countless senior citizens making those choices something was done about it: Medicare's Prescription Drug Discount Card. But along with the help comes some confusion. The cards cost different amounts to different income groups and are not available at all if a senior doesn't sign up. But if approved, the card can save them ten to thirty-five percent on each prescription. Some are also eligible for a credit from medicare. "There's a 600 dollar credit they are paying someone if they qualify, otherwise medicare doesn't pay anything right now. It's only a discount, and unfortunately the discount comes straight off the local store level."

Sullivan wants seniors to be aware, some of the discount card offers require you to get your prescriptions by mail. "They want to drive patients into mail order."

Also, seniors are warned to be on the lookout for scams with individuals selling fake cards door to door and offering free enrollment. Always look for the official "Medicare Seal" when buying the card.

So far 70 companies have been approved to market the card that could make life a little easier for those choosing between dinner or drugs.

Reported By: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com