Homemade Meth Lab Explodes In A Longview Home

A homemade meth lab explodes over the weekend in a Longview home. When firefighters arrived they didn't find anyone near the house but they did find evidence someone may have been burned in the blaze.

Investigators believe whoever is responsible for the meth lab may now be in need of medical attention.

The charred T-shirt and ball cap could possibly link investigators to whoever cooked-up a meth lab exploded early Sunday morning.

When firefighters arrived they found the fire in the master bedroom and bath and ingredients for a meth lab. "Chemicals that are used to cook meth. Just all kinds of evidence related to cooking dope," says fire marshal Jimmy Purcell.

Investigators believe the suspect had just gotten away. "Somebody was here because of the evidence that we found. They did leave in a hurry and it is very possible that the person or persons who were here are burned," says Purcell.

The man who rents the trailer, Jimmy Meshell, told investigators he's been out of town all weekend. Jimmy's mother, who lives across the street, says she didn't notice anyone at her son's home. "There was nobody over there. No lights or anything. And of course I was in bed," says Nancy Meshell.

Nancy says a couple of her son's friends were staying with her. She says they woke up and tried to get help.

"The doorbell was ringing, somebody pounding on it and yelling," says neighbor Rosemary Slate.

The friends had gone next door to Rosemary's home. When she went to get her robe, she noticed the fire. "When I walked by my back door there's a window and I glanced and it was just orange. The whole back side of the trailer was orange," says Rosemary.

Despite the friend's quick action, they say they never saw anyone come from the burning trailer. Investigators are left to wonder who belongs to the charred clothing.

Amy Tatum, reporting.