Grant To Fund Summer Program

Dozens of homeless East Texas kids are getting a unique opportunity this summer. A federal grant given to the Region VII Education Service Center will help provide a summer education program aimed at helping children.

The $40,000 grant will help fund programs already provided through the Salvation Army in Tyler. Most of the kids live with family members at the Salvation Army and attend Tyler Schools.

About 40 students will take part in academic programs and educational field trips. Dr. Cynthia Hernandez, who works with the Region VII Education Service Center, said the money will go a long way to help kids who don't usually get the same opportunities.

"It was just a perfect match because (The Salvation Army) actually had the facility and the bit of money that we had was able to fund and support what they were already doing."

The grant comes from the University of Texas at Austin's Dana Center.

Chris Gibson, reporting