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Better East Texas: Texas Voter ID Law challenged

By Pat Stacey

A three judge panel is deciding the fate of the Texas voter I-D law that was passed in 2011 that requires prospective voters to produce a picture I-D to receive a ballot.  U-S Attorney General Eric Holder is taking the case to the court of public opinion by very publicly challenging the law saying it will discriminate against minorities and the economically disadvantaged because of some potential costs in obtaining a picture I-D.  In this day of voter fraud, we need some type of verification that everyone that receives a ballot is eligible to vote and they are who they say they are.  Texas has a long history and not all of it is positive when it comes to civil rights, but the picture I-D law is a good idea and perhaps there needs to be some provision to help those that can't afford a picture I-D get one.  But the law is needed.  The big disappointment is that Attorney General Holder feels compelled to comment on this while the 3-judge panel is reviewing the law.  Let them make the ruling for themselves without delivering enflaming rhetoric.  Besides, the Attorney General has enough on his plate to deal with including the Fast and Furious debacle.  The Texas Voter-I-D needs to stand, it makes sense for the Texas election process and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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