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Missing woman

Tiffany Hurd (left) Tiffany Hurd (left)

We've made it to Friday, everyone, and aren't we glad? Hope you  have a good weekend planned!


A shocking crime has had East Texas on the alert today, as authorities search for a young pregnant woman who was taken by force by her boyfriend after he shot her best friend in the back. According to officials, 22-year old Jackie Martez Guthrie (pictured above)  and the two women were involved in an argument when the women attempted to run away. Guthrie shot 18-year-old Chantel Barret in the back, killing her, then forced his girlfriend, 19-year-old Tiffany Hurd into Chantel's vehicle and took off. We'll tell you what authorities have shared so far at 5.

And in the wake of what has happened at the Batman movie premiere in Colorado, we wanted to find out if any ETX movie theaters are making plans to add extra security during this movie's big opening weekend. KLTV's Jena Johnson will join us from Carmike Cinemas in Tyler to tell us what the theater's spokesperson had to say about the situation; that's tonight at 5.


Also tonight at 5, we'll have Cedric from Za Za's Modern Italian Cuisine with us for In The Kitchen and he'll share a fabulous way to prepare quail...or it might just make you want to join the crowds enjoying his new restaurant! Last time he was here he made stuffed crab, and it was FANTASTIC! Don't miss it.


At 6, Sports Director Ryan Peterson will join us to tell us the latest about Dez Bryant; the Desoto Police Department just said it has concluded its investigation, and what they'll do now toward charging Dez.

We'll also give you the best local forecast available in East Texas, as Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto joins us from the KLTV7 weather center to tell us more about what this weekend has in store for us. Rain? Let's hope some of us get some.

We'll see you soon with all the latest on today's big stories.

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Community Web Producer


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