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Better East Texas: Smith County Sheriff’s Race

By Pat Stacey

The Smith County Sheriff's race is winding down and while the campaign has been generally positive, there has been a certain amount of bickering and accusations flying between the camps of Chris Green and Larry Smith. I was proud of our news department recently by not jumping into the fray that many other media had pursued. Some people thrive on controversy and hope for some type of negative excitement when a race is close. But the real excitement is seeing a close race that will be decided by the people. The election is a few short weeks away, both candidates are qualified and the time is now for residents in Smith County to evaluate these candidates, not for what they may or may not have done at a single event years ago, but see them for the Sheriff they can be. This race is a great testimony to the election process, qualified candidates, a vitally important decision and the inescapable fact that every vote counts. It is that way in several other races across east Texas and the state and as voters we need to make our voice known. So congratulations to Chris Green and Larry Smith on a great campaign and thanks for making this a Better East Texas.

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