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'America's Sheriff' endorses Green for Smith County Sheriff

Richard Mack Richard Mack

There was a new sheriff in Smith County, but this one wasn't elected at the polls.

Richard Mack, the man who calls himself "America's Sheriff," spoke to the Tyler Tea Party Thursday night about the need for a constitutional sheriff.

Smith County Sheriff's Candidate Chris Green has received endorsements from Sheriff Mack because of Green's promise to be a "constitutional sheriff."

According to former Sheriff Richard Mack, a constitutional sheriff takes his duties straight from the Declaration of Independence.

"It's the next line: 'That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.'  Kinda sounds religious, doesn't it? That governments are instituted among men, to do what? To protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and there is no greater service than that," Mack said.

And Sheriff Mack endorsed Chris Green this past spring because he felt Green would be a constitutional sheriff if elected.

"A constitutional sheriff -- we all, as peace officers, take an oath to defend the constitution," Green said. "And that's a serious oath. A lot of them just kind of brush it off, but it's a serious oath that we take to make sure that we defend our folks from any government overreach, any government intrusion, especially when it comes to our second amendment, our right to keep and bear arms, and our tenth amendment, states' rights."

Smith County Tea Party Treasurer Shawn Bradley said that Sheriff Mack's endorsement informed the group as they were choosing a candidate to endorse in the runoff election.

"The idea there is that when it really comes down to it, the sheriff is the chief executive of the county," Bradley said. "He is in comparison to the president on the national level, so is the sheriff on the county level. And so functioning in that capacity, it's very important that he understand his constitutional roles, requirements, and responsibilities."

And as Sheriff Mack explains, the whole concept comes down to the people at the local level.

"They can't tell us what to do! Does the federal government hire your sheriff?" Sheriff Mack asked. "No matter who the sheriff is, he works by, for and of the people of Smith County."

Chris Green faces Republican Larry Smith in the runoff election for the Smith County Sheriff's race.

The election will be held July 31. Early voting begins on Monday.

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