Longview Preps for "Madame Butterfly" Opera

The final preparations are being made for the performance of Opera Longviews's' "Madame Butterfly". Countless hours of meticulous rehearsals are needed to put on a top notch opera performance, and with that comes behind the scenes support staff to make the production of "Madame Butterfly" happen.

"It does take a lot of preparing for each on of us preparing a role takes weeks, months to get right," says Keith Jameson of the New York city opera company. For the professionals from major opera companies, trips to cities like Longview often turn into tutoring sessions, as they find themselves in the role of teaching.

"Its not this high society thing that only certain people can go to its for anyone," says Jennifer Hines of the New York metropolitan opera.

"Its a great opportunity for the people of Longview you don't have to drive all the way to Dallas or Fort Worth, we have the greatest talent right here," says director James Marvel.

Dozens of east Texans have been selected to be extras and in chorus. For many it's a passion to bring opera to towns that rarely see it.

"If you don't come to small communities like Longview if you don't go to small cities and spread this its going to die" says Hines. Organizers hope there will be more opera fans in East Texas after this performance.

"Madame Butterfly" will be held at T.G. Field auditorium on Thursday June 3rd, and Saturday June 5th, both beginning at 8 p.m. For ticket information call Opera Longview.

Bob Hallmark reporting..