96 Year Old Attorney still Practicing in Henderson

A Rusk county attorney is still going strong and has no thoughts of retirement, at the age of 96. People in the legal profession in Rusk county say Catherine "Tiny" Brown towers over her peers. She still puts in a full day in real estate and probate law.

"Well I think it's the best way for you to be living is to do something. I never thought about retiring I didn't want to stop," says Brown. She was pioneer for women. She graduated of Lon Morris college in 1927, took the bar exam in 1937, and entered a male dominated world of law.

"I never did feel that I was any different than any man that would have applied for any job, that inferiority or whatever you want to call it," Brown says. Over nearly 70 years of practice, "Tiny" has helped hundreds of people with estate cases and has made hundreds of friends in legal circles, and every where she goes she is respected.

"A tiny bundle of energy and her grasp and knowledge of the work that she does, and the great memory," says Rusk county judge Clay Gossett. She's been described as tenacious by her contemporaries, and she's been recognized by the legal profession in Henderson and Rusk county for lifetime achievement.

She's lived her life with the simple philosophy that if you think it, you can do it. "My mother told me so many times, never leave a nail half driven. I've had a wonderful life just wonderful, I'd do it 96 years again if I could," says Brown.

Bob Hallmark reporting.