East Texans Celebrate Holiday at Caldwell Zoo

Many East Texans spent the day at the zoo this Memorial Day weekend. Today Caldwell Zoo in Tyler put on their special weekend events, which were fun for the whole family and especially the children. One of the most popular attractions was the giraffe feeding.

"It was my first time and it was pretty fun," Zachary girsby, a child visitor, said.

"It's nice," Violeta Galvan, a Dallas resident visiting with her family, said. "I'm a big animal lover, so it's just nice just being around them. And their tongue slipped across my hand. It felt really nice. She wants to take one home."

Other exhibits today and tomorrow include the elephant meet-the-keeper, the otter presentation, and the Native Raptor Free-Flight Show. On Monday, Memorial Day, the zoo will feature "meet-the-keeper with the rhinos.

Julie Tam, reporting.