Attorney General Say "Seniors Don't Get Scammed"

The State Attorney General was in town with a special message for seniors today, don't get scammed. Attorney General Greg Abbott met them at the senior center in Tyler this afternoon. He told the folks that several telephone scam artists are praying on them.

One woman, Willette Miller, was one of their victims. She got a phone call saying she had won several lotteries. The only catch, she had to pay a fee.

"I'd send them money and what they'd do is they'd call and say something happened and they would get to it later. But then they forgot about it and nothing ever happened again. I figure I've spent over 80 thousand."

The Attorney General says the top five scams against seniors are foreign lotteries, home repair, mail fraud, identity theft and investment scams. He says the best advice he can give is, if someone calls saying you've won something, but you need to pay a fee, just hang up.