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Stormy start


Our pop-up storms don't seem to want to go away.  I've been talking with Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Brett Collar about what type of news he will have for us when he delivers his latest forecast.  He says it's a complicated answer that he'll make sure we understand but you can expect the temperatures to start creeping up.  

We're continuing to talk with the family of a man who died after being beaten at a Longview night club. They're telling us more about him and what they believe happened.

We'll also update the latest on the Texas man who survived a run-in with a train.

Tonight at 10, Dia Wall has a new Power of Prayer report that shows there's no shortage to the different ways people express their faith.  She, recently, attended a boot camp that's full of push ups, sit ups and prayers.  See how Patrick Johnson combines his military training with his belief in a higher power to help parents keep their kids on the straight path.
Francesca Washington has a story about how what's old is new, again.  She has visual proof that, in the age of high tech video games, old-fashioned model airplanes are enjoying a new surge in popularity.

See you at 10.

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