Fund Drive For Family Enduring Tragedy

It's been one year since the accident that left Catherine Owen in a wheelchair. She just arrived back home after her fourteenth surgery... But there was someone missing from her homecoming... Her father Robert.

"He was the type of person that never met a stranger. He would talk to anybody and he would help anybody he could" said Catherines mother Jeannette Owen. Robert Owen suffered the affects of lung and heart illnesses and earlier this month he was taken to a hospital in Galveston.... At the same time his daughter was undergoing another surgery.

This past Saturday Robert passed away. Because of his lengthy illness the family could not afford insurance nor can they afford the new bills for Robert's funeral. Family friend, Jan McCormick, is busy calling everyone she knows; getting together a bake sale and car wash to raise money to help the family.

"We will work as hard as we can and we will get this done for jeannette and the kids cause I believe that they deserve this" said family friend Jan McCormick. A fund has been set up to help the family pay for Robert's funeral which was held today in Louisiana.

Donations can be made to any East Texas Hibernia bank in care of the "Robert Wayne trust fund". There will also be a bake sale and car wash this Saturday at the "what-a-burger" at fourth and Loop 281 in Longview from 10 a-m until 2 p-m. Amy Tatum, reporting.