Injured Soldier Returns Home

One month ago Nathan Kisner was in Iraq patrolling the Basra oil terminals.  He was driving a small boat when he and the other crewmen noticed a "fisherman", something he says just didn't seem right.
"We told them to leave and he said, "no leave. No leave."
  Nathan noticed the man sped up and began heading toward the oil terminal.  Quickly a decision was made to open fire. "Before the guys even got to draw their weapons. They were all reaching for their weapons and that's when the explosion happened."
  "The first thing that popped into my head was I just had a baby two days ago. Just get me home to my kids please Lord."
  His navy boat flipped over, he wasn't badly injured but he noticed his friend Chris fighting to stay above water. "So I swam over to him. I told him I said, "Chris I got you don't worry I got you."" I grabbed him and I put my arm around him.  I held him there. I talked to him. I said Chris I'm going to get you back to the boat. I'm going to do whatever I can. You'll be okay. "
  Chris died on the rescue boat.  A second navy sailor and a coast guardsman were also killed.
Nathan spent the next several days recovering from his wounds, shrapnel was imbedded in his arm.
But he was soon back home with his family, seeing his new son for the first time.  Nathan's son and one year old daughter are too young to understand what happened to their father, but he says the hope of holding them in his arms again is what got him through.  Nathan will go back to his base in Virginia this weekend for a medical evaluation.  At that point he may return to Iraq.

Amy Tatum Reporting