Newspaper Photo Sparks Investigation

Tyler's police chief, Gary Swindle, says one of his officers used an improper restraining technique and they are now investigating the incident. This comes after a picture of an arrest was published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

The arrest happened Tuesday afternoon on the Tyler Junior College campus. The picture shows Officer Scott Smith, restraining the suspect 21 year old Andrew Tave by putting his knee on top of his neck instead of in the middle of the upper back or his shoulders, which are proper ways to restrain suspects. Tave's arrest came after he was reported trespassing on campus and after he led police on a 45 minute foot chase.

Tyler police are now working with the newspaper photographer to get more information about how much time elapsed during the incident. In the meantime, Officer Smith is still on the job. He's being re-trained in proper restraining procedures.

Braid Sharp, reporting.