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No hiding

It looks like a man who robbed a bank in Tyler last year and made no attempt to hide his face has struck again.  Authorities tell us the man they call the 'Loan Ranger Bandit' walked into a bank in Salado, south of Temple, Texas and, again, made no attempt to hide is face.  You may be wondering, 'What kind of person does that?'  We wanted to know, too.  Tonight at 10, Samantha Jordan has a new report that tries to explain what this robber's brazen behavior says about why he's so bold and whether that makes him more dangerous. 

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto has been a busy man, keeping track of the pop-up storms that have dropped so much rain on East Texas today.  He's tracking all of the storms and the chances of you having to deal with any more of them.  He'll address that in his newest forecast.  He'll also give you a closer look at what you can expect from the weather where you live this weekend.

While Mark is keeping track of the storms, we're keeping an eye on the flooding it's caused.  We'll let you know what damage, if any, is being done and let you know if there are any areas you need to avoid as you travel later tonight.

We also have something to lighten the mood, a little, tonight.  It's time for a Smackdown!  Join Ryan and Coleman tonight at 10 for a brand new KLTV 7 Smackdown.  This sounds like a good one.  The guys are being challenged to a game of Fungo Golf.  It's described as a cross between golf and baseball.  I know.  I couldn't really get a good visual on that, either.  That's why you should watch the story tonight.

See you at 10.

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