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Better East Texas: Romney tax returns

By Patrick Stacey

Being a leader is all about winning trust and being the president of the United States is the ultimate trust of the American people. Mitt Romney is under pressure to release more personal documents, specifically his personal tax returns that will show a lot about his estimated 250 million dollar wealth. He has released all that is required by law and has pledged to release his 20-11 returns when they are completed later this fall. But Governor Romney has released less personal financial information than any candidate from either party in recent history. Now, I would rather place the trust of my tax dollars in the care of someone that is successful with money, although Romney admits that his money is in a blind trust and he does not handle it. Still he must have some strategy experience but without some tangible proof, the tax return issue will haunt him and the screams will get louder. He needs to release his 20-11 returns immediately once they are completed and he needs to go ahead and release several years prior to 20-10. Trust in a candidate, whether local or national, is what wins elections and if Romney wants to be trusted, he needs to be transparent. It is right for the race for the White House and it makes for a Better East Texas.

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