COPY-Remarkable Young Boy Needs a Forever Family

Rusty is a happy eight year old boy who enjoys being active. "He is one of the most astonishing cases I've worked with," says his counselor Russell Bailiff. He's been working with Rusty since he was removed from his home. "When I first met Rusty he was almost none verbal and had extremely poor hygiene. He had obviously been very traumatized and was very afraid of male authority figures," says Bailiff. Now, after being in a stable foster home, he's made tremendous gains. Rusty is also making gains in school. He's in Special Education second grade classes and doing well. "In school I like to do math and color pictures like Sponge Bob Square Pants," explains Rusty. But ask this young boy about girls and he gets a little shy. "I have one girlfriend, but I'm not telling her name," Rusty says covering his face. Rusty continues to make progress with everyday tasks; things he was never taught. For him, they are major accomplishments. He's described as a boy who enjoys living life. "He's an easy to please kid." Bailiff goes on to say, "Anything you do for him he's going to be excited. He's going to show a lot of gratitude." Rusty has a desire to succeed. It's what drives him to improve. Bailiff says, "He needs a home that believes in affirmation. They need to believe in 5 positives for every negative. If they will do that for him they will be surprised at what he will be able to do." For Rusty, the Gift of Love could do amazing things. Bailiff says, "If someone wants to commit themselves to Rusty, they're going to find not only a lot of reward from seeing his growth but, I think they will find their own lives changed because Rusty is going to make sure you value the things you need to value."

If you'd like to know more about Rusty, or his brothers Luke and Corey, or if you want information on how to become a Foster or Adoptive Parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275. 

  Gillian Sheridan, reporting.