Greatest Generation: WWII Audio Project

Most of today's college students know little about World War II, except for what they've read in history books and seen in a few movies. But all that is changing at Tyler Jr. College, as a new generation gets to know "east Texas' Greatest Generation."
  Wilde Styles was twenty when he joined the Army Air Corps in 1939. A gifted mechanic, Styles was assigned to a Chinese air base. He likes to joke that he was "in the Chinese Air Force but didn't know it".
  Styles is one of a number of World War II veterans interviewed by the Tyler Jr. College Scholars Class, in a special project for the Library of Congress. Students admit that getting to know the veterans has opened up a new world of understanding. Students say they now understand better what sacrifices those who served in that great war made for our freedom.
  Class instructor Gene Kirkpatrick says young people can hear the lecture, but just meeting and talking with veterans is much more significant. The students in this project just hope that their interviews with veterans for the Library of Congress will personalize those who fought for us... for future generations.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.