Teen Given a New Purpose in Life

Laura Powell was a good student and active in many school activities.
That all changed the day she found out she was pregnant at age 15.
"I was terrified. It's something that I never thought would happen to me," Laura said. "I  had no idea what to do, I had no idea where to turn."
When Laura informed her parents of her pregnancy, they quickly removed her from school.
"It's embarrassing sometimes, and there's just alot of, sort of peer pressure and things," she said. "Your reaction is pretty harsh sometimes in a public school."
Laura's parents sent her to Eagle Academy's Living Alternatives where she would be free from ridicule by other teens and embraced by girls in a similiar situation.
"It makes it so much easier because you can relate your stories and there's someone who's been through alot of the things you've been through and they can help you through any pain that you've gone through because they've gone through it. So it's like one big support group."
At Living Alternatives, Laura was able to complete her education and graduate. She says the caring staff and help of her peers helped her feel like part of a family.
"Everynight you just go to sleep and you just feel like you just had a wonderful day because you felt so much love."
 Sadly, Laura lost her baby after five months of pregnancy. But the experience has strengthed her faith in God.
"Before I came here I had been a Christian and I had just sort of ignored my faith and when I came I completely re-dedicated my life. I got a lot of vision, and the Lord told me there's hope for my future and that my life is not over and that he is there to provide for me, even through this."

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com