Former Store Clerk Injured in Robbery Speaks Out

A former convenience store clerk hopes what she has to say will help prevent other convenience store workers from being harmed.
On May 13 around 3:00 am, Guadalupe was attacked by a robber while she stocked the shelves at the Tyler Food Fast on Palmer and Front Street.
"He grabbed me by my hair," she said, "and tried to drag me, he never demanded money, I didn't know what was happening. I thought that he was going to try to rape me, so that's when I resisted." The 50-year-old was cut on her arm and hands. She has partially lost feeling in her thumb and may have permanent nerve damage.
The suspect got away with only $49, an amount Guadalupe says was not worth the pain the robbery inflicted physically as well as emotionally.
"I had been working there for nearly two years and so it was like a shock, like surreal. Not only in my being assaulted at the job, but now I have to deal with family response: anger and fear."
Tyler police have made no arrest in the case. They only have a vague description  of the robber to go on. The thought her attacker is roaming free, worries Guadalupe. Wherever he is, she has a message for him.
"I'm hoping that I can reach this man," she said "That his heart will be moved, that he will be changed and that if he still wants to keep doing this, that he will not go in there with a weapon and assault somebody like a single parent and perhaps kill a young woman for only a few dollars."
Since the attack, Guadalupe has quit her job at the Food Fast. She isn't sure what her next job will be, but she is sure of one thing.
"I will never go into a convenience store job again," she said.
Again, the description of the robber is sketchy. His face was covered during the robbery. If you have any information, you're asked to contact the Tyler Police Department.

Story by Maya Golden,