Local TAKS School Results

Taks results are in and all three local school districts did not meet the state average. We're focusing on 11th Grade "All Tests Taken" percentages. That means the percent of students who passed the Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies tests.

TISD scores were up condisderably from 2003 but still almost ten percent below the state average. Jacksonville ISD also missed the state score by 13 percent but beat their own average last year by 11 percent. Longview ISD came up short of the state average by 10 percent as well, but they made a significant jump from last year.

T-I-S-D Director of Assessments, Joe Garrison says the increase from last years scores is a success but they're still focusing on how to improve their preparation for the tests.

TISD   LISD    JISD    State

2003    46        39        48        49

2004    64        62        59       72