Several Smith County Restaurants Have Serious Violations

(Source: Northeast Texas Public Health District.)

Cace's of Tyler
7011 S. Broadway

Sauce prepared six hours earlier was at 60-63F. Should be 41F or below. Milk in reach-in cooler at 48F. Should be 41F or below. Ice machine had mildew in it. Raw chicken stored above oranges and mushrooms in reach-in cooler. No paper towels in men's or women's employee restrooms. Can opener blade crusted with food.

Total Demerits: 31. Problems were corrected on sight.

On a recheck April 30, no paper towels at handsink in men's employee restrooms -- was corrected on sight. Total Demerits: 3 No further recheck ordered.

Julian's Asian Diner
5201 S. Broadway

Eggs, dressing, chicken, beef and other foods at 43-51F. Should be 41F or below. There was a problem with adequate handwashing, and unapproved labeling. A dirty knife was rinsed off with water.

Total Demerits: 22.

On a recheck May 7, there were no demerits.

Dwayne's Country Cafe
2202 E. Fifth St.

Cheese sauce at 47F, should be 41F or below. No covered trash can in women's restroom. Sugar not properly labeled.

Total Demerits: 16. Problems corrected on sight.

On a recheck April 30, cutting board needed cleaning and sanitization. Total Demerits: 3. There was no further recheck ordered.

Sherri's Kitchen
312 N. Houston

Hamburger patties at 71F. Should be 41F or below. Employee placed dirty dishes in washer, then handled clean without washing hands. Foods in coolers not dated. Chemical stored with food items in pantry.

Total Demerits: 16 Some problems corrected on sight.

On a recheck May 10th, there were no demerits.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.