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Power of Prayer: Rope Myers

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

Rope Myers is most at home when he's in the rodeo arena. The world champion loves to compete, but these days he almost loves to teach even more.

Rope, who is the director of Champions Rodeo Camp at Sky Ranch, tells us "I'm very fortunate. All summer I get the awesome opportunity to talk to young kids about riding horses, knowing who Jesus is, and learning about rodeo, so it's a really cool opportunity to have a job like that."

Sky Ranch is where children of all ages can learn the finer points of riding and rodeo from one of the best East Texas has to offer. The funny thing is, it almost seems like this path was Rope's destiny.

" My dad named me Rope, my sister Ty, and my brother Cash because you can rope the calf, tie the calf and win the cash. So we've been doing this a long time. I was very fortunate to win national championships in the rodeo arena and then was able to come back and use that platform to talk to kids about who Jesus is," Rope said.

The kids ride from breakfast to lunch, and every afternoon, they have normal activities with a Christian foundation.

11-year old camper Molly Grace Beddingfield told us "We have Bible time every afternoon and we have pow wow after lunch every day. Pow wow is whole sky one and sky two meeting, it's really fun. Then, Bible X is time with your cabin."

Rope says the program is thoughtful and structured, designed to foster the children's learning and application of their faith.

He says "We have something here called a life map. That's where we take a kid and we believe that there's certain truths they should learn at every area, every age of their life, so to speak. It's good to see them grow in the arena, but it's even cooler to see them grow and mature as young people."

Without his relationship with Christ, Rope says sky ranch camps wouldn't be a reality today.

"The cool thing about our dad in heaven is He is willing to talk to us and let us know what next and how to go, where to go next, and what to do next. This building, these facilities, none of this would happen if we hadn't had that connection with the father. He led us to the people that supplied us the finances to do this. It's cool being out here because it's just the country, and you feel God. At least, I feel God everywhere."

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