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Street Hockey Smackdown

Ryan and Coleman don't have much experience playing hockey.  Lucky for them, KLTV meteorologist Brett Collar does.  Brett joined the sports guys for a street hockey smackdown.  The 7 Sports Team received a hockey skills challenge from Jared and Cody Lovett and Chase Sanchez.

The first challenge was shooting accuracy.  Each player had to shoot the ball from center court and hit a shot into the goal in the air.  Brett was the only who managed to score.

The second challenge was a shootout.  Brett played goalie for the 7 Sports Team, stopping all three shots.  Ryan and Coleman both missed, while Brett scored on Chase Sanchez.

The final challenge was the hardest shot.  The challengers had an average shot of 51.6 MPH.  Ryan hit the hardest shot at 59 MPH.  The 7 Sports Team won again, to make it a clean sweep in the hockey skills smackdown.

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