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Changes squared

You may have noticed some different landscaping on the square in downtown Tyler.  We've learned it's not just an aesthetic change.  There's a public safety issue motivating the work.  It's tied into the increased police patrols in the area.  Jena Johnson has been investigating the connection between the two changes and working to find out who's behind them.

East Texas is not known for hockey but that's not going to stop Ryan and Coleman from giving it their best.  They're not the types to shrink from a 7 Sports Smackdown challenge.  Last week, it was wiffle ball.  This week, it's hockey.  So, if you want to have a few giggles at their expense, with nothing but love in your heart, of course, then join us tonight at 10 for an all new edition of 7 Sports Smackdown.  As always, it's guaranteed to be lots of fun.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is in the Storm Tracker 7 Weather Centers, looking for any sign of rain.  And, I mean ANY sign.  He tells me he's hoping to be able to give you some good news when he presents your new forecast.  Keep your fingers crossed and tune in tonight to see what he has for you.

See you at 10!

Anissa Centers

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