Nationally Renowned Golf Instructor In East Texas

He claims to be able to bring fun back to the golf course with a simple, two step program. Stan Humphries is the author of "Two Steps To A Perfect Golf Swing" and he was in East Texas on Tuesday. He chose Pine Dunes golf course in Frankston to shoot his instructional DVD.

"I've known [owner Jody Lutz] for a few years," said Humphries, "and I talked with her when she first started building this golf course and actually came over and took a look at the topography and I tell you what, it's one of the best golf courses in the state of Texas."

Humphries' clients include Clint Eastwood, Troy Aikman and Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells, who Humphries says is a pretty good golfer.

"He's a 10 handicap," said Humphries. "He can play, and he's pretty passionate about it. Everything that Parcells does he's passionate about it, and he does it with a plan. He takes course of action and he gets it done, and he's tough on me teaching him, and I kind of kid myself, 'who's really getting the lesson here?'"

Aikman says Humphries helped him lower his handicap from a fourteen to a three.

Kevin Berns reporting.