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Better East Texas: Obamacare decision

By Pat Stacey

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the medical insurance mandate provision of Obama care was a shock to many Americans. Most people saw this as the federal government forcing them to buy health insurance whether they wanted it or not. And for many people, it stopped right there. But this decision is vastly more than that. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote in the decision and in his written opinion on the proceedings he essentially said that they federal government cannot force you to buy insurance but they do have the right to tax you if you don't have it. Taxes in our country are the prime method of funding government activities and they, typically, are based on consumption of use of a service. If you smoke, you pay a tax on cigarette purchases. But now, this decision sets a new mandate that we can be taxed for doing nothing, in this case, not participating in the insurance system. It opens the door for future actions by future administrations and congresses that could further erode individual rights. I truly don't think President Obama thought it would hold up and now he has been given a golden egg by Chief Justice John Roberts. This decision has made questionable legislation worse and it will reach beyond the issue of compulsive medical insurance. And it ultimately weakens America.

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