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Residents upset over flier for whites only pastors' conference

In most situations, a flier advertising a pastors' conference wouldn't cause much stir, but one event in West Alabama has the townspeople of Winfield upset.

Businesses in the downtown area started finding fliers this week advertising for a conference titled: "Annual Pastors Conference All White Christians Invited."

According to the flier, the three-day conference ends with a "Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony." The conference is to be held in neighboring Lamar County.

Winfield Mayor Wayne Silas says he and other folks in town are not pleased since this event is not representative of their community in any way.

The organizer of the event, Rev. William C. Collier says that his Church of God's Chosen (Christian Identity Ministries) is not a hate group but adds that he believes "the white race is God's chosen people."

He and keynote speaker Rev. Mel Lewis add that they aren't invited to Muslim events or LGBT events.

Churches from the Winfield community will hold their own Fourth of July celebration Wednesday evening where they say everyone is invited to enjoy fellowship, pray for the city and the region and to celebrate the nation's independence.

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