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Seven thousand signatures on alcohol petitions now must be verified

The organization Buy Local First collected more than 7,000 signatures of people who are in favor of selling alcohol in Tyler.

Now the City of Tyler has to verify that those signatures are Tyler residents...within thirty days of receiving the petition.

City officials are already at day ten of counting, and they may need some help making the deadline.

At City Hall in Tyler they have three employees working around the clock to verify the signatures on the alcohol petitions before the deadline of July 21.

City Clerk Cassandra Brager has her work cut out for her, as her desk is covered with a large stack of papers.

At the legal office they must verify that every single signature is a registered voter and lives within the Tyler city limits.

Now in the ten days since they have been counting, officials say they may need more help to finish in time.

Gary Landers, Tyler City attorney, said,"So far we've had three working on that and today and tomorrow we will compare and measure how many names we've been able to verify in that time, and then we may need to bring in more. We were aware of the deadline. So we've tried to do it with our existing staff and we'll find out in a couple of days if we're able to do that."

The city says they'll hire outside the city if necessary; they also said they'll use the elections budget budget to cover those extra costs of help.

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