Arp City Marshal's Office Copes With Loss of K-9 Officer

The Arp City Marshal's Office lost a dear friend over the weekend, the sole member of it's K-9 unit.  Bok was a 4 year old German shepherd who died May 22,  from a condition that often strikes larger dogs called "the bloat." Their stomachs become twisted and air passages are cut off.
  Arp Police Chief Scott McAuley wears black tape over his badge to represent the partner that wasn't at the office to greet him Monday morning.  "He never took his eyes off what we were doing," he says. "He was dedicated to protecting us." The Arp City Marshal's office decided 2 years ago they needed help in getting drugs off the streets. Bok had been at Chief McAuley's side ever since.
  "What we did was we got donations through the area businesses and schools. Bok cost us $6,000. We sent an officer to Michigan and we picked him up in Michigan."
  Bok served Arp, Troup, Overton and part of Rusk County. He was certified for his training in seeking cocaine, marijuana, heroine and methamphetamines.
  On his first day on the job, Bok was part of one of the largest drug busts in Arp history, finding more than 40 grams of meth.
  When he wasn't sniffing out narcotics, he was bringing smiles to children's faces.
  "We used him in the schools, went through the schools and checked them for narcotics. He was also a friend of the school children."
  In the coming days, Bok will be given a full officers burial, and though they hope to replace his position, no other dog will possess the same personality as Bok.
  "We'll never be able to replace Bok, nothing will take his place."
  It will cost from $8,000 to $10,000 dollars for a replacement for Bok. The city had insurance on him, but it will only pay for a small portion of the costs.  If you would like to help, a fund has been set up at the Arp State Bank. You can call (903) 859-2211 during regular business hours to make a donation to the Arp K-9 fund.

Story by Maya Golden,