Striking SBC Workers About to Return

The strike between union workers and SBC Communications is in it's last hours.  While small protests are going on at East Texas SBC offices, the Communication Workers of America and SBC representatives have been meeting to hammer out details of a new work contract.

SBC says progress is being made, and despite the striking workers going back on the job starting at midnight Tuesday morning, those picketing Monday say their demands aren't changing.

"We're sending a message to the company that we don't want to hurt the company or the customers, at this point. But we are serious, that if we have to go on strike indefinitely, we will. But this is a sample of what they'll have to do to make up for us being gone," worker Steve Maynard said.

Temporary workers have been filling in for the striking workers since Friday. The workers' union wants a better deal on health care, and for SBC to keep hometown jobs... instead of sending workers to larger cities.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.