Brisket hash skillet from The Diner

The Diner's Brisket Hash Skillet

10 ounces of roasted brisket, freshly cooked or leftover

Six ounces mashed potatoes

One ounce of whole kernel corn

One ounce of diced bell pepper

One ounce of diced onion

4 whole Eggs

Take 2 ounces of brisket and mix with the mashed potatoes, corn, bell pepper, and onion. Mix thoroughly and make into two potato patties.

Grill potato patties on both side until thoroughly heated. In the same skillet, heat your roasted brisket. Place even amounts of heated brisket on top of your two potato patties. Cook your eggs to order and place on top of brisket and potato patties.

Don't forget the bread of your choice.