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Seven restaurants fail inspections - 6/28/2012


The unlucky number is seven this week. That is, seven restaurants that didn't meet up to inspectors standards.

First up, CiCi's Pizza off the NNW Loop 323. Several cooked pizza slices under the pizza warming table were kept under the wrong temperature. Inspectors also found what was stored as clean baking pans with a lot of grease and debris residue. The clean plastic drinking cups were improperly air dried, too. Total demerits: 19

Next up, Casa Ole' Mexican Restaurant off South Broadway in Tyler. Inspectors marked them up for not having good hygienic practices, with employees eating or drinking in inappropriate areas. Inspectors also found evidence of rodents in the restaurant. Total of 19 demerits. .

Texas Donut off of Highway 69 in Tyler is next on this week's list. Employees were found handling ready to eat foods with dirty gloves. Inspectors had to repeatedly instruct the employee to not reuse old gloves. Inspectors observed employees flipping the existing time labels on a pan of kolaches to a later time, instead of throwing it away at the end of the correct time. No certified manager was on-site during inspection, ranking the demerits to 22.

Next,DJ's Marisco's off Erwin Street in Tyler. Black beans were found not properly stored at the correct temperature, and the rice was improperly cooled down. Raw tilapia was stored right above cooked octopus, which could cause cross-contamination. And two different handwash sinks were inaccessible, due to trays being 'air dried' under the faucet. Total demerits: 26.

 Luby's off Tuttle had several foods, including their turkey and steak, all out of temperature. Their blue cheese and Italian dressing wasn't correctly marked,and their utensils were not sanitized.                                                                                  Total of 25 demerits.

Next up, Super Mercado Market, off west loop 281. The bacon and bologna was too warm, and their fried intestines were held too cold, equaling 25 demerits.

 And last, but not least. Applebee's off of west Loop 281. Racks of ribs were all out of temperature, and the raw ribs were held on the same tray as cooked ribs. Total of 23 demerits.

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