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Longview health providers react to ruling

The high court's ruling is getting a mixed review from those who work in the medical care field in Longview. Health care providers who are now questioning, 'what's next?' For private medical practices like Longview's Orthopedic clinic, the supreme court ruling leaves them in limbo.

"There's two different things that could happen here , one is we're going to open up a pool of a lot of people who didn't have health insurance before, but now will. But the problem with that is we're going to drive down access," says Orthopaedic Clinic administrator David Webb.

Money is still the bottom line.

"Well I think the biggest concern for a hospital especially that treats a lot of the uninsured if not commercial insurance , they're going to get medicaid. And in the state of Texas we already have trouble funding medicaid," said Good Shepherd medical center CEO Ed Banos.

The supreme court ruling's effect is uncertain.

"I think we have to take a wait and see approach," Webb says.

"I was personally in favor of striking down the mandate because I think its unconstitutional," says clinic physicians assistant David Stanley.

And the courts decision hasn't eased concerns.

"I think we're all a little nervous because when you start driving down the insurance costs doctors are going to have to start making decisions on whether or not to continue to do the care they've been trained to do. If they make decisions to opt out and not do the care then we're going to drive down the access further because we're not going to have the physicians," adds Webb.

But the vote clears little up for health care providers.

"Having more people insured is a positive thing in health care I think we need to see how that's going to be paid for," Banos says.

Longview regional medical center responded to the ruling with this statement : "We will continue to do our part to improve the healthcare system by providing high-quality care and the best possible experience for our patients while controlling costs and working to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all."

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