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ETX man puts ad in paper to protest city going wet


An East Texas man is taking a controversial approach to let people in his community know just how he felt about the possibility of his city going wet.

Former Sulphur Springs Councilman Charles Oxford took a newspaper ad to let his neighbors know what would happen if they signed the petition.

"It says if you sign a petition on any issue, not just alcohol, any issue either for it or against it, you should understand that the entire list of names is public information by law," says Oxford.

For weeks, voters have been allowed to sign a petition for two different options: one for the legal sale of beer and wine for off premise consumption only, and another for the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants.

"The point was to be open and honest. I thought I was doing people a public service. Remember I said regardless of the issue and whether you are for it, or against it, your name is public information when you sign that petition. Period," says Oxford.

A total of 1500 people signed the petitions, well over the needed amount for it to go on the November ballot.
"As I understand it they needed 1100 and change and they turned in somewhere around 1500 signatures. The city secretary is going through the process now to verify that they are registered voters of Sulphur Springs," says Sulphur Springs City Manager, Marc Maxwell.

Oxford says bringing in alcohol could promote things like littering, and says the representation of the amount of revenue it will produce is not accurate.

"And no one ever talks about the social effects. Children without clothes and food, domestic disturbances in the home increase substantially, and homes are lost because the family budget has gone to alcohol," says Oxford.

Oxford says his intention to have the names publicized is so that his community knows who is for and against whatever it is they want on the ballot.

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