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Cell phone captures fight in park, posted on YouTube

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - A cell phone taped brawl between two teenage girls in Gonzales, LA surfaced on YouTube, and the fight is not all the camera caught. The video also shows one of the girl's mothers encouraging the fight.

Police say it's embarrassing for the people of Gonzales that something like this is burning up the internet. The parent involved says she was only trying to protect her daughter from a bully.

The video was taken at least four days ago, according to the date posted on YouTube. The video clearly shows a fight, but if you pay attention to the surrounding area, you will notice it is happening at Gonzales Municipal Park, just blocks away from police and sheriff's offices.

"What I observed was a fight by two teenage females. It appeared there was an adult that was a parent to one of the teenage girls who was basically supervising a fight," said Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson.

Chief Jackson says after observing the video at our request, that the video is not a fake and was definitely the real deal. "I can guarantee you it was a real fight. It wasn't staged. I think actual real blows were thrown. And real licks were given and taken," said Chief Jackson. "We're going to pursue charges on the two individuals that were fighting and were going pursue charges on the parent that was supervising as a principle."

WAFB's Jim Shannon spoke to a woman who says she is the parent in the video. She claims her daughter was bullied on the internet. Her daughter is the girl with the upper hand in the video. She told us she has another daughter that practices softball at the park, which is why she was there in the first place.

As far as social media's involvement, Chief Jackson has little doubt that was the reason for the fight.

"It's no doubt; whatever their fighting over, it probably started over social media," said Chief Jackson.

The mother and her daughter - the one who appears to have the upper hand in the video - have been charged with disturbing the peace.

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