Vietnam Memorial Ride comes through Longview

Hundreds of motorcycle riders rumbled through Longview today in the annual coast to coast ride to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C. They were old... And young,  Doctors... Accountants... Laborers... But all riding for a cause that has touched them in some way... The 15th annual run for the wall, from Los Angeles to the Vietnam veterans wall in Washington D.C..

"I'm riding for my fallen vets i left behind in nam, and all the vets that are coming after me" said Vietnam veteran Mike Huber of New Mexico. Over 500 riders rumbled into Longview's American legion post 131... This year the mission includes all veterans, and veterans from as far back as world war two participated.

"Any tribute we can pay to our fallen heroes our people serving today is well worth the effort" said Buddy Pricer of the Longview American legion post 131.

Most are Vietnam vets started the ride in Los Angeles, and many came along way to do that. They come from small towns in Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico, and for many its a healing experience.

"This is a healing run for most vets who never got that healing or welcome home when they came home" said Colorado rider Abe Duren.

"I just want to say hey fellas this is for you, love ya brothers" said California veteran Cris Wenk.

The painful memories of Vietnam haunt them to this day, and for these men and women the run to the wall will ensure that veterans from the past will always be remembered. Last years ride ended in Washington D.C. with more than 3oo-thousand riders. This year organizers expect nearly a half million. Bob Hallmark reporting.