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Longview Police still looking for vandals


Vehicles and buildings all over the city of Longview have been vandalized and for no apparent reason.

So, we asked police, "What is going on?"

"We don't really have any reason why at this point," said Kristie Brian with the Longview Police Department.

They said the vandalism cases are not even related.

"The Lear Park cases are separate from the vandalisms and tire slashings," Brian said.

Longview Police has made progress. The Lear Park vandals tried to destroy the surveillance footage, but police recovered the video, which led them right to the vandals' front door.

"We arrested two adults and four juveniles," Brian said.

Brallan Gamaz and Aryan Snyder, both 19 of Longview, were arrested on Friday. The four juveniles were taken into custody. All six suspects face felony charges of burglary of a building.

Police said the damage was in the thousands.

"We do not have an estimated cost yet. We're still working with out insurance adjuster, but we are proceeding with all of the repairs," said Laura Hill with Longview's Parks and Recreation Department.

But what about the slashed tires and profanity drawn all over residents' vehicles?

"They slashed both tires on the driver's side, put profanities on the bed of my truck, and slashed the two tires on my other vehicle," said Matt Adams.

Years of hard work was destroyed in a matter of minutes.

"I earned this truck; I earned all these vehicles and for them to take it away from me--it's wrong," Adams said.

An RV used to transport a special needs child was vandalized too.

"They slit the tires and wrote very vulgar words on the side of the RV," Bobbie Nuner explained.

As she washed away the vulgarity with a towel, she reminded herself of what matters most in life.

"They're just things and with a special child in our family we know what is important and that's family," Nuner said.

While residents recover from the offensive attacks, city officials make plans to install high-tech security.

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